Back open for orders in February 2021

Pay at your own pace

I would love for my clothes to be as accessible as possible to everyone however I appreciate that buying handmade items can be more costly. I’ve explored various options for spreading the cost of purchases via payment plans & think the easiest option for customers is to email me directly using the ‘contact me’ page on the website to request to pay at your own pace.

In this email you can simply tell me which item(s) you would like & I will then email you via paypal with an invoice which will enable you to pay for an item over a period of time that suits you & with amounts that suit you.

This will not mean you pay more for an item, the cost will remain exactly the same as if you were paying all at once. Once you have paid the invoice in full, your item(s) will be posted to you. If the item is being made to order, please allow 2-3 or 3-4 weeks (depending on the item) after you have paid the invoice in full to receive your item.

This is a new process I have introduced so please bare with me during the trial period & let me know if you have any problems along the way.  

I would like to acknowledge that this idea has been very much inspired by other small businesses who are also offering a similar payment option. I really hope that it enables more people who want to support & buy from small businesses to be able to do so.

I am always open to ideas/suggestions/comments so please do let me know if you feel I could improve in this (or any other) area.