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Our story

The Old Rectory Clothing Co is a small Dorset based company set up by me, mother of three, Eleanor. We recently moved from a large town out into the Dorset countryside + into an old rectory with my parents + are currently converting some outbuildings into a new home for my folks. This move has enabled us to have so much more space + freedom which we were desperately craving as a family.

My three children are three, five + seven + I left my job in the Youth Justice System after having my third baby as I found juggling everything (+ the long commute) was becoming less and less enjoyable.  Having studied textiles at school, I have always enjoyed sewing + being creative + when the children came along, I found making things for them was such an enjoyable way to not only relax + 'be me' again, but also provide them with individual, thoughtfully made things that they will hopefully cherish forever. Having had a boy + two girls, I was also finding it difficult to find clothes that could be passed down + worn by all three. Unisex clothing is tricky to find as are well made non mass produced items that often leave one wondering just how little someone somewhere has earned for a large store to be able to sell something for so little money. 

I am trying to instil the ethos of 'buying less + choosing well' (+ local where possible) in my three children + although this may mean spending a bit more initially, I find that things that are lovingly designed + handmade are made to last + are so much more greatly treasured. This not only reduces waste but also encourages our children to learn to place value in things and move away from this 'throw away culture'.

The Old Rectory Clothing Co seeks to encompass all these values + I take such pleasure in designing clothes, choosing fabrics, making items + then seeing children running around 'being children' in things I have made. I really hope that you love the clothes that I make + I am so grateful to those that choose to buy from small businesses like me.