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The Third Collection by The Old Rectory Clothing Co

My latest collection was inspired by the countryside surrounding the little Dorset village my family & I live in & enjoy exploring. I chose fabric colours & patterns that remind me of the rolling fields of green & gold, the big blue skies & the wildflowers that grow down in Dorset.

I haven’t named any of my designs up until this point but each piece in this collection is named using a traditional Dorset word. I had lots of fun researching & choosing names & some are rather hilarious (tinklebobs for example although I didn’t actually use that one 😂).

My philosophy is still very much about making & designing clothes that are simple, traditional  & comfortable but that are also beautiful.  Each piece has been thoughtfully planned, designed, tested (on my children) & then carefully made by me. I’ve designed the collection as a sort of ‘capsule wardrobe’ so all the pieces compliment each other & can be worn together.

I spend hours (probably hundreds) choosing & testing fabrics to find exactly the right ones for each collection. Most of my pieces are made of European stonewashed linen (which is my favourite fabric of all time) which is known to be the kindest fabric to produce in terms of its impact on the environment.  There are also a few pieces made from 100% cotton as both these natural, breathable fibres are kindest to skin both young & old & are also hard wearing & durable. I want my clothes to last & be handed down & used again & again. 

I’m still using shell & wooden buttons as I like to use natural products & fibres & avoid using plastic wherever possible. I’ve also started to use GOTS certified 100% organic cotton thread for some pieces & will be moving towards using it exclusively. 

I decided to call this collection my ‘Third Collection’ rather than Spring/Summer as I like the idea of collections rather than seasons which I worry may imply there are restrictions as to when you can wear the clothes. In fact, the pieces can be worn all year round; simply layer up in colder months & pop on a thermal vest & leggings underneath on those extra nippy days. There are some beautiful small businesses making gorgeous knitted clothing perfect for wearing over my clothes. I like to invest in one really good quality knitted jumper or cardigan & the children then always wear this on colder days. Opting for neutral colour means it can go with everything.

I continue to seek to challenge our culture of disposability & cheap, fast fashion. There’s no denying that buying handmade/ethically made clothing is more expensive however, by buying fewer, more carefully made pieces, not only are you supporting my small business & my family, you’re becoming part of the slow fashion revolution. I have every hope that this continues to grow & expand with a move away from the more unethically made, mass produced clothes & surrounding industry.

I have recently added a ‘pay at your own pace’ option in order to make my clothes as accessible as possible. You can click here to see more about this.

There will be a few pieces added to the collection over the coming months & I really hope your children & you love the clothes as much as I do 🌿.

Click here to shop the new collection. 

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