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Natural dyeing

One of my favourite parts of making clothes is choosing the fabric & colours for each collection. When I started to hear about dyeing with natural dyes & the possibility of creating your own colours (without the use of chemicals), I knew I had to try it.
I’ve been so inspired by both @botanical_threads & @rebeccadesnos who share their knowledge & experience on this topic & so I started to dabble. Consequently, I was hooked. For this collection, I’ve made a few pieces using the dye from avocado stones which make the most stunning pinks & corals & I hope to expand this range over time. I’ve chosen avocado as it bonds so well to fabric due to the high levels of tannins & the colour lasts. It’s not a quick process (which for an impatient person can be hard), but it makes stunning results.
Naturally dyed clothes do need more care & love & I know they won’t be for everyone. I’m by no means an expert & the joy is you learn every time you get out the dye pot & start gently heating things which is so exciting.
If you’re keen on learning more, there’s a wealth of information out there & I do urge you to check out the lovely ladies above 👆🏻.
📷: Top image is some rooibos tea dyed fabric samples which after some more testing, I hope to start using too.
Other image is some avocado dyed fabric samples showing how different each dye session can be.

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